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I.  History


L'association de développement Ndiyam Nguurdam (ADENN) was established October 6, 2009 to reduce poverty in northern Senegal through activities in support of sustainable development.


On 19 May 2010, ADENN obtained a receipt of declaration of association from the Governor of the region of Saint-Louis . Given its international composition and its vocation to work in several regions of Senegal, ADENN was converted into a foreign association with the Ministry of Interior in Dakar.


II. Overview: Objectives and Work Philosophy


The objectives of ADENN include: 

  • Promoting access to clean water, education and health.

  • Supporting the creation and development of viable income generating activities.

  • Promoting good governance and project management capacity made locally by village communities.


Our development approach is participatory. The role of ADENN is first awareness and training of populations through pilot and community projects. All our projects are locally reproducible and contribute to the empowerment of locals. This implies the use of creativity and innovation for the poor through experimentation and adaptation of appropriate, reliable technology, that is affordable for them. An emphasis is put on community development to especially help women's groups to analyze their needs and to organize themselves to take their future into their own hands.

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