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...more than a drip kit

Designed to produce vegetables all year round in very hot and harsh conditions


Technologies are always dependent upon the context! Sahelian Gardens are a very simple and cost effective concept based on experience gained at ADENN's Appropriate Technology Demonstration Center (ATDC).


Why standard drip kits don't work in our region :


  • Flat tubes are too fragile: they get destroyed by thorns and the wind.

  • In-line drip kits clogg and die between 1 - 12 months. Water flowing very slowly through the emmiters gets very hot and the chalk it contains deposits in the emitters like boiled water in a tea pot!

  • They are not suitable for high density crops like onions which generate good profit and allow for a better crop rotation.


ADENN's drip irrigation system : we have developed a very simple, effective, affordable and reliable drip system. Kits installed at ATDC in 2011 are still working very well! It saves up to 50% of water and 80% of time compared to a watering can. Compared to in-line drip systems :

  • It is adapted to harsh conditions and poor quality water

  • It is up to 50% cheaper and requires less water pressure.

One disadvantage is that the land needs to be leveled.

More than a drip kit : Drip irrigation in itself is not sufficient to grow vegetables all year round in our region. Sahelian Garden's combines the most appropiate & cost effective technics that we have tested at ATDC : =>

  • Sandy soils are very poor but ground improvement is possible with small scale gardens by producing compost with locally available manure and green materials produced in the garden.

  • Live-fences including Leucena, Vetiver, Euphorbias & Moringas protect the garden against strong hot winds and reduce the need of water.

  • Good planning and crop rotation are key to make the garden profitable.


Recycle your old tubes :  On a small scale, clogged pipes can be cleaned and modified to produce Sahelian Garden's.


Please contact us for more information.

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