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Providing affordable and reliable access to improved groundwater sources

Certification : This method has been approved by national authorities for drinking water purposes.


ADENN's support : Feasability study, construction and maintenance.


Drilling method : ADENN works mainly with the "Rota‐Sludge Manual Drilling" technology, according to the Practica Foundation's guides. As the names suggest, this technology primarily uses human energy to drill. Rota‐sludging uses water circulation in the hole to bring the cuttings to the surface.

Geological Application: Unconsolidated soils such as sand, silt and clay, and harder unconsolidated soils such as stiff clays, soft sandstone and weathered laterite.


Technical and financial facts :

  • Duration of works : 5-7 days for a 30m borehole.

  • Boreholes designed for "Néné Fouta" manual pumps are cheaper with a budget comprised between 350'000 and 700'000CFA (not including transport). Their flow rate ranges between 2 and 3m3 of water per hour.

  • Boreholes designed for solar or electric pumps are deeper and wider. Their flow rate usually exceeds 5m3/hour depending on geology. The budget is comprised between 700'000 and 1'200'000CFA (not including transport).


Advantages : These wells are reliable, low-cost, and provide clean water because the source is protected from external contamination.


Please contact us for more information.


Application : According to the Practica Foundation's study, manual drilling in the Senegal river valley ranges from feasible to highly feasible (blue area on the map). This technology can be used up to 30 meters.


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