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Community Development Projects (CDP)


Vision and Goals of the program:

The purpose of CDP is to support women's groups who wish to contribute to the sustainable development of their village. Access to clean water, basic education (literacy, hygiene, health and nutrition) and vegetable gardens form the basis of CDP: they allow a significant improvement to the living conditions of women and children, they also enhance peace, social cohesion and the trust of the community in their own undertakings.


Conduct of CDP and participatory approach:

Each project begins with a partnership request by a group of women to ADENN. A day of awareness and presentation of goals and the role of ADENN is then organized at village level. Then the women's group gets together and consults to assess their needs and resources. Women become actors in their own development by creating a common fund for financing and participating in each stage of the project: setting priorities, choosing and implementing the solutions and establish a committee for the management and maintenance of projects. During this phase the role of ADENN is that of informing, guiding and advising. The program then proceeds following three phases:


  • Phase 1 - Basic Education : A 6-month literacy program is implemented by ADENN with the help of local trainers for women who can not read or count.

  • Phase 2 - Hygiene and Basic Health : A basic health education program (Community Health IEC) is put in place by ADENN for every CDP under the supervision of the Department of Health for the areas concerned. Training involves two days of meetings, every 2 weeks for 6 months. Community health volunteers belonging to the group of women are trained to help other women to put the teaching into practice. The program's objectives is to reduce suffering, disease and death of children that could have been avoided through prevention and information in the areas of hygiene, nutrition and basic care.

  • Phase 3 - Community garden : The women's group establish a community garden with technical and financial support from ADENN.


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