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Program for accessing drinking water :


Vision and Goals of the program "Nene Fouta" :

Many small villages in the Senegal River Valley have no access to clean drinking water. The price of hydraulic wells (capacity greater than 5m3 / hour) from 20 to 25m is above 2'000'000CFA. For villages with wells thus arises the problem of both the investment cost but also the contamination of water and fatigue in women and children to draw water. Traditional wells are cheaper but their speed does not exceed 1 to 2 m3 / hour and can sometimes dry up at certain times of the year.


That is why ADENN set up a rope pump manufacturing program in parallel with a manual drilling program to depths not exceeding 30m. Locally manufactured pumps allows the maintenance and repairs of the pumps to also be completed locally. A pump can produce enough water to meet the daily needs of 500 people while maintaining water quality. The cost of the pump and drilling is between 500,000 - 700'000CFA excluding transport, which provides a significant saving for the villagers. ADENN will follow up and train the local population how to use and maintain the pump properly.


Vision and Goals of the solar pumping program :

For small rural communities (between 1000 and 3000 inhabitants), the use of solar energy allows people access to clean water reliably and cheaply. Although the initial investment is higher, creating a borehole management committee helps to collect from consumers the necessary funds to provide part of the starting capital facilities. ADENN helps villagers to seek the remaining funding through the implementation of a detailed study as well as establishing a quotation for carrying out the work. Monitoring and maintenance costs are covered by monthly contributions.


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