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ADENN's Adapted Technology Demonstration Center (AATDC) :


The AATDC began in 2010 on 8000m2 of land located in the Podor region. The cultivable area is approximately 3750m2 with 15 irrigation kits, each 250m2. The centre currently has 2 solar pumps and two Nene Fouta pumps for demonstration purposes.


The objective of this program is :

  • To raise awareness and train locals about small-scale irrigation techniques. This includes the ecosystem concept with the integration of fruit trees, "useful" hedges and small livestock for the production of compost. Induction courses and training for 2 or 3 days allow beneficiaries to have a in-depth understanding of the program.

  • To ensure the promotion, experimentation and adaptation of appropriate, reliable technology , which requires affordable initial capital.

  • As a basis, the manufacture of hand pumps and irrigation kits, and the manufacture and maintenance of manual drilling equipment.


Financial autonomy : the revenue generated by sales of fruit and vegetables are used to cover the expenses of the garden (wages, purchase of seed etc.). This validates the economic interest of Sahelian Gardens.


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